Friday, October 29, 2010

Very Zen: Honeymoon Day 3

We went to the Chinese Classical Gardens and after drinking tea and strolling along a perfectly beautiful garden, left feeling impossibly relaxed and chill. 

To counteract this, we immediately headed to Voodoo Doughnut, a Portland staple wherein you can purchase doughnuts covered in Fruit Loops, or shaped like voodoo dolls (stabbed with a pretzel stick!)

There was also POWELL'S WORLD OF BOOKS, which is a 3-story bookstore quite literally larger than a city block, and Pittock Mansion which, despite being closed, offered us a beautiful view of Portland with Mt. Hood in the background.   

Today's Breweries included Rogue (which was impossibly delicious), and Widmer (which was frankly disappointing).

Breweries:  2
Samplers:  7 
Pints:  6
Unique Beers:  10

After failing to hit enough breweries, we changed the game plan.   

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