Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Forget Your Booties: 8 Days to Go

We're finally close enough to get some idea of what the weather will likely be like on the day of our wedding.  Sure, we know what to do in the event of cold or rain (except where our photos will be taken), but it's a different matter entirely to make that decision.  Here's about 7 different forecasts for you so you can experience a bit of what my current manic state is like.  Enjoy!  Sunny , 61F 
CNN:  Sunny, 61F  Partly Sunny, Showers, 66F
NOAA:  Partly cloudy, low 60s
Accuweather: Periods of Rain, 67F
Yahoo:  Sunny, 61F
Intellecast:  Sunny, 61F


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