Saturday, June 27, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another

Rob and I have been hitting reception halls, actually meeting with real human beings, which makes us both want to tear our hair out. Not that we're anti-social or anything... but this world of 80" rounds, chair rentals, and wine selections just is not our thing.

Last weekend, we checked out Manakiki, which until recently was at the very top of our list. I say "until recently" because although the outdoor space here is nothing short of breathtaking, the indoor space is bland at best... and that's only if we take down the curtains, which are an unfortunate floral affair entirely incompatible with our fetching color scheme. This they will do... for a charge of course.

This is the problem we've run into with finding a reception hall. Each place seems to have one thing we really love, and one thing we really hate. I find myself wishing we could combine all of the best aspects of each place, because I'd rather not have to pull a Sophie's Choice. If the place is awesome, it's way too far away. If the indoor space is nice, there's no good outdoor ceremony location. If both are nice, it's too small... and so on.

We wanted to make a decision by the end of June... but it's looking like mid-July is going to be more realistic. So it goes.

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