Saturday, June 13, 2009

Detail work

There are many details involved in planning a wedding. Oh sure... a lot of it is great fun. You get to look at pictures and go to tastings and feel nice papers and such, but the real pain in the ass is that each of the details spawns its own little set of details, which can send a couple into a head-spinning spiral of decision making. Case in point: the invitation.

Rob and I recently ordered some samples from The Green Kangaroo, and fell pretty instantly in love with them. "Let's get these!" we proclaimed, grinning at each other full of love and awed that we're really going to be able to pull this wedding thing together. This is good, I suppose, to have this one little detail put together... but, wait a second... is it really together?

Well, there's the reply cards to consider... should we go with postcard style, or traditional? Should we have the envelopes printed with raised ink, or colored ink... or raised color ink? That's going to be extra, huh? What about calligraphy? Is our handwriting legible enough to write all these out by hand? Will it still be legible after 10 or so envelopes? Oh, that's right.. we have three colors for the wedding, how can we include them all with 2 color invites? Should we include a map/reception card or just print out something on nice paper? Is that gauche? Are we gauche? Is this how you spell gauche?

And who the hell are we going to invite, anyway... and how should we address them? One book says the woman's name always comes first and another says that a cohabiting couple is listed alphabetically... what the crap? Wait a minute, shit... do our thank you cards have to match, too? For that matter, do we have to use phrases like "request the honour of your presence"? Is that how you spell honour? Is that gauche?

But I suppose I'm happy. Happy that we have at least something done, whether or not we seem to opening Pandora's Box.

...what the fuck, now we have to choose a font, too?


  1. Jesus christ, did you just use the word "gauche"?

  2. Of course, Miss Manners answers all these questions and more in the chapter on weddings in her book, Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.