Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fling Before the Ring: 27 Days to Go

After the shower, a few of my closest buddies and I went out to have a girly good time.  It was exactly the sort of Bachlorette party I wanted... fun, intimate, laid-back, and just a tad silly.  Yes, there are pictures of that event, and many of them are terribly embarrassing. 

First, we started at Steak on a Stone.  I had never been, and was admittedly curious about cooking my own meat at the table.  Not only was it a good time, but the food was mouth-watering.  We had a no-frills steak, cooked just about as freshly and juicy as you could want, and everyone got to choose two dipping sauces.  Naturally we ended up sharing so we each go to try something like 8 sauces each.

Having gotten sufficiently meated, we moved on to the exercise portion of the night.  Doing our best impression of a gaggle of teenagers, we headed to the rollerskating rink.  There, no one managed to break a leg, though several of us managed to fall down.  We skated till we could skate no more, which admittedly was varying times for all of us.

Then it was on to the "drinkin'" part of our evening.  We started at the Lakewood Winking Lizard, where I managed to fight my instincts to drink beer and stuck with girly pink mixed drinks.  After having a couple there, we ended the night at Corky's where we had a terrific time despite the presence of the is-almost-never there terrible karaoke guy.  

After all of this, a few of us (by which I mean me, my MOH Shanda, and my mom) were ready for more.  More food, that is.  We hit Denny's.  Hard.  Then we hit the bed.  Harder.

Thank you to Shanda, Jen, Becky, and Alicia for coming out with me, and for being such good sports.  Thank you especially to my mother for her generosity, and for keeping an eye on all of us and getting us from point A to B, back to A, to point C, then to point D and E then to F and back to C.  You are far better than any limo, because I would much rather have the memory of having you there.

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