Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Countdown Begins: 99 Days to go

What do you do with less than 100 days until your wedding?  Something every day, that's for sure.  For the next three months we will be eating, sleeping and breathing wedding.  So we thought we'd update the blog a bit every day from now until then for two reasons.  First, it might be entertaining for people to find out all the crazy things to be done.  And secondly, it'll be helpful for the detectives to put together the pieces when they find we've spontaneously combusted leaving behind only a bit of charred tulle.

So on day 99 we finalized the menu (mmmm tasty tasty fall foods, hope y'all like squash), nearly finalized the schedule, got the ball rolling on decorations, clarified the logistics, continued to cement the inclement weather backup plan and ate cake.  The cake wasn't because of the wedding, but instead due to a friend's recent birthday.  However anything that puts you into a stress-relieving sugar coma quickly becomes an integral part of the wedding planning process.

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